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Meet Carlos

Meet Carlos: This S.M. day was different because their was a “sweep” of the homeless a few days before. So a ‘hotspot’ that we go to share the Gospel and pray for the homeless was basically empty… but we had the pleasure to meet Carlos. After giving Carlos a coat which sparked conversation… the Lord showed me the pain in his feet. After asking Carlos if this were true, he told me the story. Carlos was riding on a bike one day and was hit by a car. It severely broke his body and he had to have many surgeries just to be ‘normal’ again. So we prayed for his feet about 3 times and Carlos was experiencing more relief with each prayer. After the last time we prayed I asked him how his feet were and Carlos said “I can now return to work”. Praise God! Carlos shared his faith in Christ with us and we were celebrating, giving all the glory to God!

Please pray for the Lord to open up an door for an opportunity for gainful employment for Carlos. Many blessings and thanks for praying!!!



‘Right question’

Am I not asking the right question?
I keep seeking everything else.
I constantly rebuild my own throne.
I entertain self while breaths are counted.
The bodies piled up around have spoken.
Unspeakable mourning, loss of life pauses mine.
Glaring stares, I cannot see their faces.
Disturbing is the passivity of my response.
Limitations I have assigned before others speak.
I’ve turned left and right while You wait.
Urgency of purpose for the great cause.
Let not my diversions derail Your given high calling.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) – all rights reserved


Meet Johnny

Meet Johnny: So I umm…. chased Johnny down after he limped past me on the streets. Asking Johnny why he was limping he said that both of his knee’s are ‘shot’ and that he needs for both of them to be replaced. I started to share with Johnny the love of God and Johnny cut me off and said that The Lord healed him of lung cancer in 2000 and that Johnny knows and believes in the love of God. So Johnny agreed to prayer and felt a little better. He was gracious and let me pray again and I asked Johnny to walk….so he did and said it felt better but not much change. We said goodbye and as Johnny walked away he stopped, turned, and yelled at me that he was pain-free! Johnny was shocked, especially since he had no knee-caps and thus he let me pray that God would give him new knee-caps. Praise God!

Two more testimonies at Matthewdenver.com – ‘under testimonies’ tab.


‘Towards your Throne’

‘Towards your throne’

Expressing affection towards Your throne,
Holy Spirit is amplified with in my body.
Surrounding me with pure manifestations,
Passionate fire kindled by Your holiness.
Bowing down, less of me and more of You,
Awe rattles the bone formed inside of me.
Constant attention of self breaking apart,
Forgive me for being completely consumed.
Humility is needed in these moments,
Let me never forget who is God, who is King.
Loud cries reign out through our lands,
Raise us up for Your mission at hand.
Trusting You through still silence,
Let us see what the darkness cannot.
Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) by Matthew A. Reed
All rights reserved.

“Pastoral Perspective” (Nov. 2016)

This “Pastoral Perspective” article I just wrote this evening for a Kansas paper. The hard part about it that they only give 500 words to make a point.

Pastoral Perspective (Nov. 2016)

During the course of life storms will eventually arise and either happen to us or to our loves ones. Frankly, some storms can be very scary and even cause great fear and trepidation, even to the children of God.

We live in a uncertain world. Tomorrow is promised to no one and the planet is getting darker every moment. In many ways Godly morals seem to be a thing of the past in this nation. Television is used to sell certain products and productions through fear. Not to mention that we are currently in a cycle of presidential election (in the United States) that the candidates claim there will be doom and gloom if the other side is elected.

Let us look at Luke 8 when Jesus and His disciples where in a boat going to the other side. Let’s pick up in verse 23,  “But as they were sailing along He fell asleep; and a fierce gale of wind descended on the lake, and they began to be swamped and to be in danger. They came to Jesus and woke Him up, saying, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” And He got up and rebuked the wind and the surging waves, and they stopped, and it became calm. And He said to them, “Where is your faith?” (NASB).

It’s important to mention right here that in the amplified version of the bible, when Jesus was asking His disciples that question He was referring to where was their faith in Him. To be said simply, why did they not trust Him during that storm?

Some may say they were in grave danger and the bible even admits that they were, but remember that we as believers and children of God we do not live only by our senses and perception of what is taking place in life. No, we are told many times over in the bible to not be afraid and have faith and trust in God.

Let us learn this lesson and do not make the same mistake that the disciples made. These situations are shared for us to learn from and grow. Let’s not focus on the dangerous storms, but focus and consider God in the midst knowing that some how or some way whether we see it or not, He will get us through to the other side.

Jesus told his disciples they were going to the other side and that’s what exactly happened. (He said this truth before the storm ever rose up.)

So do not be dismayed, trust and believe in God. Search the scriptures with a hunger and desire to know what God is saying. This is so important for us to know as His children.

Do not be alarmed when storms arise, they will. Consider and focus on Him so that trust and faith will rise up bigger than the storms. Stand up and believe God. Never give into fear again. Trust in what God said not what the storm is saying.

Matthew A. Reed
Open Door Fellowship – Denver
Praise Fellowship Church – Ransom

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work of Your hands

Tears that were cried have no memories, bringing this to pass is the work of Your hands alone. What is seen from limited human perspective, let me resist the fear of this planet. Your ways are a mystery and mostly hidden, let me tap into the revelation of heaven. Fragile of fragile can be the newness of faith, strength is found within the ones who are dependent on you. The planet is loud, dark, and full of pain, please let her walk in the heart of you Father. Seeing the value within others, everyone matters, everyone is worth our time. Existing in the expanse of you, let my days never be about me anymore. Reach out through my clay to touch the ones who cannot perceive, everything can and will change within this permissible moment. Greatness of great You cannot be measured Lord, I’m not looking for just religious banter. Let’s walk together in the holies of holies, I want to be everywhere that you are Master. Nothing will satisfy me unlike Your touch Master, I am determined to be closer to You!

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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